Marvellous architecture of Kakatiya's: Ramappa temple, Palampet

Ramappa Temple is located 77 km from Warangal, which served as the ancient capital of the Kakatiya Empire, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The temple is situated in a valley at the now forgotten Palampet village of Venkatapur Mandal, in the Mulug Taluq of Warangal district. Palampet is located at a distance of 77 km from Warangal.

The Ramappa temple is near the ancient engineering marvel of the 13th century Ramappa tank. The ancient Ramappa tank can be dated back to the period of Kakatiyas. It is a well-conceived tank where a 2000 ft long earthen dam connects a semi circular chain of hills to form a lake. The temple has been described as the "brightest star in the galaxy of medieval temples in the Deccan".

The temple is a place of Shiva worship or Shivalaya, and gets its name from the sculptor chief Ramappa, a Vishwakarma Brahmin Sthapathi of Karnataka State, who built the Shiva’s statue to supersede the preceding deity, Ramalingeswara, and highlight the importance of Shiva as the personal god of the lord Rama. It is probably the only temple in India to be known by the name of the sculptor who builds it.

Ramappa Temple also known as the Ramalingeswara Temple is an ancient temple which was built in the 12th century during the rule of the Kakatiyas. This temple is constructed in the South Indian architectural style and is devoted to Lord Shiva. An inscription dated to the year 1213 serves proof of the temple having been constructed by a General Recherla Rudra, during the reign of the Ganapati Deva. According to history, it took over 40 years to construct the temple.


The entire temple complex is enclosed with a compound wall. The temple is approached thorough a royal garden, now just a lawn with tree lined path. The architecture of the temple is a marvellous example of Kakatiya, with the temple designed to be elevated above its surroundings on a high star-shaped platform. This temple also enshrines a 9 ft long statue of Nandi, which is located at the entrance of the temple. The walls of the temple are adorned by carvings that are also found on the pillars and ceilings. Prominent among these are the sculptures of Hindu mythology that cover the temple from its base all the way to its wall panels and ceiling. The roof of the temple is built with ultra light bricks, light enough to float on water. The hall is characterised by exquisite carved pillars that combine light and space so as to complement the well-defined walls and ceiling.

Two other smaller Shiva shrines can also be found on either side of the main temple, although both are in ruins. The entire temple is spread over an area of 5 acres.


The major festival celebrated here is Shivarathri and which day devotees throng to this temple.


  • Ramappa Lake (about 1 Km) can be visited along with this place.
  • Ghanpuram Temples / Kota Gudulu (about 11 Kms) can be visited along with this place.
  • Laknavaram Lake (about 29 Kms) can be visited along with this place.


Palampet is about 50 km distance from Warangal and 183 km distance from Hyderabad.

By Bus:
There is no direct bus from Warangal to the Ramappa temple. So we need to reach "Mulug" from Warangal (buses are available easily). From there you can catch the bus to "Palampet" or you can take a auto rickshaw as well from here.

The bus will drop you at the point where a separate road is built towards this temple, basically its small village crossing which will lead you to this temple (from road its just 1.5 km).

By Car:
The best way to reach Palampet from warangal is by own mode of transportation. From warangal take NH202 towards Etunagaram, travel for 57 Kms past Mulug till Jangalapalli. Take diversion towards left and travel for 9 Kms towards Ghanapuram. Here you see an arch type entrance welcoming to Ramalingeswara Temple. The temple is 2 Kms from the arch entrance.

By Train:
There is no train to Palampet. One should get down at Warangal and reach Ramappa temple by bus or taxi.


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