Beautiful Mypad (Maipadu) beach near Nellore

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Mypad (or Mypadu or Maipadu) is a small village located near Nellore in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Mypad Beach is popular for its wonderful coastline.The brilliant coastline of the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh makes Mypad Beach sites one of the most luring sites for beach lovers.

The elongated stretch of greenery in the vicinity of the sea makes the position dissimilar from most of the supplementary beaches of the state. The beautiful sandy beach of Mypad invites all those who wish to enjoy the beauties of Mother Nature with peace. The untouched beauty of Mypad beach offers complete seclusion to individuals from the traffic of city life.

The long stretch of greenery near the sea makes the place different from most of the other beaches of the state. The clear water and the golden sand together has made the Mypad Beach a luring site for all the beach lovers. The greenish water is also unique to this beach. The color of the water makes the view very refreshing. The golden sand here is the perfect spot for sunbaths. The picturesque beauty of the beach attracts many tourists to this place every year.

You can also enjoy sea foods from the nearby stalls. Facial massage are also offered by many local people. The sunbathing sands and lush green vegetation provides an enchanting back again drop for your established sea lover. The water, the sand and above all the lush greenery makes Mypad Beach one of the loveliest place on earth.


This is a spectacular city with numerous temples. A must visit place for your religious tourists.

Nellapattu Sanctuary:
It is really a small water bird sanctuary in Nellapattu village near Nellore, an ideal spot for bird lovers.


There are not many hotels in this locality but you can arrange for accommodation in the hotels in and around district headquarters of Nellore. These hotels have good service with some good rooms and great food. The accommodation right here ranges from the luxury to budget class.

My cousins: Sai Krishna and Sai Surendra


Lush green coconut trees that line up the coastline gives Mypad Beach its emerald look. The picturesque magnificence of the beach attracts numerous tourists to this place each year. To enjoy the complete charm of the Mypad Beach you can plan a weekend trip to this place.

One can also travel by rail or road till Nellore, which is only 25km from Mypad beach. From Nellore, one can easily come in a local bus that offers regular service each and every day.

By Air:
The closest airports are at Tirupati about 130 km and Chennai about 200 km. You can choose a bus or taxi from right here to achieve Mypad beach.

By Rail:
You may reach the Mypad seashore from Nellore about 25 km, the closest railhead from Mypad.

By Road:
You'll be able to come across local buses that reach Mypad from Nellore. Nellore is related to all the major cities of Andhra Pradesh by rail and road

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